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Training Program

Based on the information provided, here is a sample training plan:

Sales Training Program: Improving Objection Handling for Beginner Sales Team

The goal of the training program is to improve the sales team’s ability to handle objections, particularly when it comes to competitor comparison.

Delivery Method:
Virtual/digital training will be used to deliver the program.

Total Duration:
The total duration of the program will be 15 hours.

Training Plan:

Session 1: Understanding Customer Pain Points (2 hours)
– Overview of common customer pain points in the industry
– Role-playing exercises to help sales reps identify pain points
– Refresher on the organization’s typical sales process

Session 2: Improving Active Listening Skills (2 hours)
– Active listening techniques to use during sales calls
– Practice exercises to improve active listening skills

Session 3: Objection Handling Best Practices (2 hours)
– Overview of best practices for handling objections, including competitor comparison
– Role-playing exercises to practice objection handling techniques

Session 4: Product Differentiation (2 hours)
– Training on product features and benefits
– Practice exercises to help sales reps differentiate the organization’s product from competitors

Session 5: Negotiation Skills (2 hours)
– Overview of negotiation strategies in sales
– Role-playing exercises to practice negotiation techniques

Session 6: Sales Psychology (2 hours)
– Introduction to sales psychology and buying triggers
– Practice exercises to identify and utilize buying triggers during sales calls

Session 7: Closing Techniques (2 hours)
– Best practices for closing sales
– Role-playing exercises to practice closing techniques

Session 8: Putting it all Together (1 hour)
– Recap of the program
– Final role-playing exercises to practice objection handling and closing techniques

This training program should help improve the sales team’s objection handling skills, ultimately leading to more closed deals and increased revenue for the organization.

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