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Training Program

Based on the information provided, here is a suggested training plan for the sales team of the organization:

Training Goal: Improve objection handling

Delivery Method: Hybrid training (combination of in-person and virtual)

Desired Total Duration: 10-20 hours

Sales Team Size: 11-20 employees

Level of Experience: Mid-level

Sales Cycle Length: 61-90 days

Average Deal Size: $1,000-$5,000

Customer Retention Rate: More than 90%

Sales Training Level: Advanced

Training Plan:

1. Introduction to Objection Handling (2 hours)
– Understanding common objections faced by the sales team
– Learning effective techniques to overcome objections
– Role-playing exercises to practice objection handling

2. Product Knowledge and Value Proposition (3 hours)
– Deep dive into the organization’s products/services
– Understanding the unique value proposition and competitive advantages
– Exploring customer pain points and how the products/services address them
– Case studies and discussions on successful sales pitches

3. Customer Analysis and Needs Assessment (2 hours)
– Importance of understanding customer profiles and needs
– Techniques for conducting effective customer analysis
– Identifying customer pain points and challenges during the sales process

4. Effective Communication and Active Listening (2 hours)
– Developing strong communication skills to engage with customers
– Active listening techniques to understand customer needs
– Role-playing exercises to practice effective communication and active listening

5. Objection Handling in Different Sales Situations (3 hours)
– Identifying objections based on different sales channels (e.g., retail sales, website)
– Strategies for handling objections related to authority, budget, timeline, etc.
– Case studies and practical exercises to apply objection handling techniques

6. Sales Process Optimization (2 hours)
– Reviewing the organization’s current sales process (presentation)
– Identifying areas for improvement to enhance objection handling
– Developing customized objection handling strategies for the sales team

7. Sales Role-playing and Feedback Sessions (2 hours)
– Practice sessions for the sales team to simulate real sales scenarios
– Providing constructive feedback to enhance objection handling skills
– Addressing specific challenges faced by individual team members

8. Sales Forecasting and Market-Based Approaches (1 hour)
– Introduction to sales forecasting methodologies (market-based)
– Analyzing market trends and competitive landscape for sales planning
– Understanding the relationship between objection handling and sales forecasting

9. Reinforcement and Ongoing Support (1 hour)
– Providing ongoing support to the sales team through coaching and mentoring
– Sharing additional resources and best practices for continuous improvement
– Encouraging self-learning and knowledge-sharing within the team

Please note that the suggested training plan is flexible and can be adapted based on the specific requirements and preferences of the organization. The duration for each part can also be adjusted accordingly to fit within the desired total duration.

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