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Training Program

Based on the information provided, here is a suggested training plan for the sales team:

Training Goal: Enhance sales techniques and overcome common customer pain points.

Delivery Method: Hybrid training (combination of in-person and virtual).

Desired Total Duration: Less than 10 hours.

1. Introduction to Sales Techniques (1 hour)
– Overview of sales process and customer journey.
– Understanding customer pain points and how to address them.
– Examples of effective sales techniques and objection handling.

Exercise: Role-play scenarios where participants practice identifying and addressing common customer pain points.

2. Consultative Selling (1.5 hours)
– Introduction to consultative selling approach.
– Understanding customer needs and aligning solutions.
– Effective questioning and active listening techniques.

Exercise: Group discussion on real-life scenarios where consultative selling can be applied, and participants practice asking open-ended questions to uncover customer needs.

3. Building Relationships and Trust (1 hour)
– Importance of building trust with customers.
– Effective communication and rapport-building techniques.
– Strategies for maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Exercise: Role-play exercises where participants practice building rapport with potential customers.

4. Overcoming Objections (1.5 hours)
– Common objections faced by the sales team.
– Strategies for overcoming objections and gaining customer buy-in.
– Handling objections around authority and implementation difficulties.

Exercise: Role-play scenarios where participants practice addressing objections and providing solutions.

5. Closing Techniques (1 hour)
– Strategies for effective closing.
– Understanding different closing techniques.
– Creating a sense of urgency and finalizing the sale.

Exercise: Case study analysis where participants identify the most appropriate closing technique for different customer scenarios.

6. Sales Cycle Management (1.5 hours)
– Introduction to sales cycle and stages.
– Strategies for effective pipeline management.
– Forecasting and tracking sales opportunities.

Exercise: Group activity where participants analyze their own sales cycle and identify areas for improvement.

7. Review and Follow-up (1 hour)
– Review of key concepts and techniques covered in the training program.
– Q&A session to address any lingering questions or concerns.
– Setting goals for ongoing sales improvement.

Exercise: Individual goal-setting exercise where participants outline specific actions they will take to apply the training in their sales activities.

Note: The above training plan is just a suggestion and can be customized based on the organization’s specific requirements and the participants’ level of experience.

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