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Based on the given answers, below is a proposed training plan for the organization:

Sales Training Program Goal: Improve objection handling

Total Duration of Sales Training Program: 21-30 hours

Delivery Method Preferred: Virtual/Digital Training

Sales Team Size: 1-5 Employees

Sales Team Experience Level: Mid-level

Customer Profile: Small businesses

Sales Process: Needs Analysis

Sales Team Training Level: Beginner

Sales Cycle Length: 61-90 days

Customer Retention Rate: More Than 90%

Average Deal Size: $5,001-$10,000

KPIs used to measure sales team’s performance: Conversion rate

Sales Channels: Channel sales

Sales Methodologies: Inbound selling

Sales Forecasting Methodology: Historical-based

Sales Training Plan:

1. Introduction to the Sales Objection Handling Process (2 hours)
– Definition and importance of objection handling in sales
– Common customer objections and the impact on sales
– Role-playing exercises with various objection scenarios

2. Empathy and Understanding the Customer (3 hours)
– Importance of empathy in objection handling
– Active listening techniques to understand customer needs
– Role-playing exercises to practice empathy and active listening skills

3. Preparing and Responding to Objections (5 hours)
– Identifying common customer objections and their root causes
– Techniques for preparing responses and rebuttals
– Role-playing exercises to practice objection handling techniques

4. Overcoming Pricing Objections (4 hours)
– Understanding the customer’s perspective on pricing
– Techniques for handling pricing objections and negotiating prices
– Role-playing exercises to practice handling pricing objections

5. Competitor Comparison Objections (3 hours)
– Understanding the customer’s perspective on competitors
– Techniques for handling and addressing competitor comparisons
– Role-playing exercises to practice handling competitor comparison objections

6. Closing Sales and Follow-up Techniques (4 hours)
– Techniques for closing sales after addressing objections
– Importance of follow-up in customer retention
– Role-playing exercises to practice closing sales and follow-up techniques

7. Assessing Progress and Next Steps (2 hours)
– Reviewing the training program and progress made by the sales team
– Identifying areas for improvement and next steps for continued growth in objection handling skills

Note: The given training plan is just an example and can be modified according to the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

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