1 Global Logistics Solutions
2023/07/04 10:30:31

Dear Fouki,

We thank you for your application for the Senior Sales Executive position. We are impressed with your experience managing key accounts at Sandrine Logistics and your ability to provide prompt customer service. We’d like to know what strategies you utilized to boost customer loyalty and generate a 5% increase in your client base at Errandeo Services? Furthermore, how did your experience on the Roseton Debate Club inform your sales approach?

We look forward to seeing your answers.

The Global Logistics Solutions Recruitment Team

2 Fouki
2023/07/04 8:44:28
I paid them to be loyal at errandeo this is why i could increase it by 5%

3 Global Logistics Solutions

Dear Fouki,

Thank you for your answer. We appreciate your efforts in increasing customer loyalty at Errandeo Services and we would like to further explore your initiatives in developing a sales approach at the Roseton Debate Club.

We invite you to book a meeting with us in the link provided so that we can discuss your application further.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

The Global Logistics Solutions Recruitment Team.