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Training Program

Based on the information provided, I have created a sales training program plan for the organization. The desired total duration of the program is 21-30 hours, and the delivery method preferred is virtual/digital training.

Sales Training Program Plan:

1. Introduction to Sales Techniques (2 hours)
– Understanding the sales process
– Identifying customer pain points
– Setting sales goals and KPIs

Example Exercise: Role-playing scenarios to practice identifying customer pain points and setting sales goals.

2. Objection Handling (4 hours)
– Common objections faced by the sales team
– Techniques to effectively handle objections
– Overcoming implementation difficulties

Example Exercise: Creating objection handling scripts and practicing objection responses through role-playing exercises.

3. Sales Cycle Management (4 hours)
– Understanding the sales cycle
– Best practices for managing the sales cycle
– Using competitive analysis to gain an edge

Example Exercise: Analyzing competitor profiles and creating sales strategies based on their weaknesses.

4. Effective Sales Presentations (3 hours)
– Techniques for creating impactful sales presentations
– Delivering persuasive presentations virtually
– Addressing objections during presentations

Example Exercise: Creating a sales presentation and delivering it virtually, receiving feedback from peers.

5. Channel Sales and Online Sales Strategies (2 hours)
– Leveraging different sales channels
– Maximizing online sales opportunities
– Collaborating with channel partners effectively

Example Exercise: Developing a channel sales strategy and identifying online sales opportunities for the organization.

6. Advanced Sales Techniques (4 hours)
– Solution selling methodology
– Upselling and cross-selling techniques
– Sales forecasting and market-based methodologies

Example Exercise: Role-playing advanced sales techniques, incorporating solution selling principles.

7. Sales Team Training and Development (2 hours)
– Coaching and mentoring the sales team
– Continuous learning and improvement strategies
– Setting individual sales targets

Example Exercise: Pairing up sales team members for coaching sessions and creating individual sales improvement plans.

8. Sales Performance Evaluation (2 hours)
– Conducting performance reviews
– Using key metrics to assess sales performance
– Providing constructive feedback and recognition

Example Exercise: Role-playing performance evaluation meetings and providing feedback based on key sales metrics.

Note: The above plan is just an example and can be customized based on the specific needs and goals of the organization. The duration of each part can be adjusted to fit the desired total duration of the program.

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