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Training Program

Based on the information provided, below is the training plan for the sales team of the organization:

Sales Training Program Plan

Duration: 15 hours

Delivery Method: Hybrid training (combination of in-person and virtual)

Goal: Enhance sales techniques

Part 1: Understanding the Customer (2 hours)
– Importance of customer analysis
– Identifying pain points and challenges of customers
– Example exercises: Role-playing scenarios for customer analysis

Part 2: Effective Communication (3 hours)
– Importance of communication in sales
– Non-verbal communication
– Active listening
– Example exercises: Communication exercises, listening exercises

Part 3: Sales Techniques (4 hours)
– Consultative selling techniques
– Overcoming objections
– Different selling methods and when to use them
– Example exercises: Role-playing scenarios for objections, presentation exercises

Part 4: Closing Deals (2 hours)
– Sales closing techniques
– Recognizing the buying signals
– Example exercises: Role-playing scenarios for closing deals, case studies

Part 5: Managing Sales Pipeline (2 hours)
– Importance of sales pipeline management
– Understanding the sales cycle
– Lead nurturing techniques
– Example exercises: Pipeline management exercises, lead nurturing techniques

Part 6: Sales Forecasting (2 hours)
– Understanding sales forecasting
– Market-based forecasting tools and techniques
– Example exercises: Market research analysis, forecasting exercises

Part 7: Wrap-up and Next Steps (30 minutes)
– Review of the training program
– Action planning for the next steps
– Introduction of further resources
– Example exercises: Action planning and next steps

Note: The training program can be split into multiple training sessions over the course of several weeks to ensure optimal learning and implementation.

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