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Based on the information provided, I have created a sales training plan for the organization:

Title: Enhancing Sales Techniques for Senior-level Sales Team

Training Goal: To enhance sales techniques and overcome common customer pain points to improve sales effectiveness and boost customer satisfaction.

Delivery Method: Virtual/digital training

Duration: 21-30 hours

Training Plan:

1. Introduction to Effective Sales Techniques (2 hours)
– Importance of sales techniques in achieving sales targets
– Overview of the organization’s sales challenges
– Identifying and addressing customer pain points

Example Exercise: Role-playing sales scenarios to identify common pain points and practicing techniques to address them effectively.

2. Understanding the Customer (3 hours)
– Customer analysis: Identifying customer needs and expectations
– Effective communication and active listening skills
– Building rapport and understanding customer motivations

Example Exercise: Conducting mock sales calls to practice active listening and identify customer pain points from their perspective.

3. Effective Sales Presentations (4 hours)
– Structuring and delivering persuasive sales presentations
– Engaging the audience and addressing objections
– Highlighting the unique selling propositions of the organization’s products/services

Example Exercise: Creating and delivering a sales presentation to showcase a product/service, incorporating objection handling techniques.

4. Overcoming Objections (2 hours)
– Identifying common objections faced by the sales team
– Developing strategies to overcome objections
– Building confidence in objection handling

Example Exercise: Role-playing objection handling scenarios and practicing effective responses.

5. Sales Negotiation Skills (3 hours)
– Understanding the negotiation process
– Developing win-win strategies
– Handling objections and closing deals

Example Exercise: Simulating negotiation scenarios and practicing negotiation techniques to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

6. Sales Closing Techniques (2 hours)
– Identifying buying signals and closing opportunities
– Creating a sense of urgency
– Negotiating and finalizing deals

Example Exercise: Role-playing sales closing scenarios and practicing various closing techniques.

7. Sales Follow-up and Relationship Building (2 hours)
– Importance of post-sales follow-up
– Building and maintaining customer relationships
– Maximizing customer retention

Example Exercise: Creating a follow-up plan and practicing effective communication strategies to build and strengthen customer relationships.

8. Sales Performance Evaluation and Continuous Improvement (3 hours)
– Setting sales goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
– Tracking and analyzing sales performance
– Continuous improvement strategies

Example Exercise: Set individual sales goals and KPIs, analyze performance data, and develop action plans for improvement.

Please note that the above training plan is just a suggestion and can be customized according to the specific needs of the organization.

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